Published: Apr 23, 2014 4:15:56 PM
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  • Published: Apr 23, 2014 4:15:56 PM

    • Apr 23, 2014 5:15:56 PM
      Japhet Kabonso
      Please do not hide my identity because what am writing is the truth and I can stand anywhere to defend these facts. Am a ZANACO Customer Account Number 0488521100101. On Thursday April 17, 2014 I attempted to cash K2000 from a ZANACO ATM located at the Post Office in Chama District, Muchinga Province. The money never came out and so on the advise of one ZANACO Agent, I once again attempted to cash K1000 which was also unsuccessful. When I checked my balance through XAPIT, my Account had been debited. I immediately called ZANACO Bank Manager, Lundazi a Mr. Brian Mapani who advised that;

      (i) I give it a bit of time upto 48hrs then the system will reverse automatically.
      (ii) I write him an email if it doesn't happen

      I waited waited throughout the long weekend and when I called on Tuesday, he referred me to some lady by the name Clara who called and said that she could only see a K2000 and not another K1000, (she has since credited back the K2000).

      I have called the bank manager several times and it appears he has no any answer to give me regarding the loss of my money from my account (K1000).

      I have heard people complain about losing money in similar unexplained circumstances from ZANACO Bank, I never believed that it can/will happen to me. The ATM machines that ZANACO is using in Chama are faulty. Every-time, salaries are ready, people are inconvenienced as they have to abandon their work to queue at the ATM whose network is said to be on and off.

      How can I be helped to get my refund from ZANACO? Is it fair that I should lose my hard-earned cash in such a manner? Is ZANACO in order to be stealing from customers in circumstances like this? Where can we turn for help?

      My number is 0977253140/0950951290

    • Apr 23, 2014 5:14:48 PM
      CAF President saddened by death of commentator Liwewe
      The president of the Confederation of African Football Isaa Hayatou has expressed sorrow at the death of veteran Zambian football commentator Dennis Liwewe.

      Liwewe, 78, died in Lusaka on Tuesday.

      "I would like to express my deepest sympathy on hearing of the death of Dennis Liwewe, a veteran and highly respected voice of the Zambian and African game."

      "Liwewe was a towering figure of African radio live commentaries, a passionate servant of the game whose gigantic standing and contribution to development of radio communication over four decades has served as a reference point and inspiration for many modern day radio broadcasters of Zambian football," Hayatou wrote in a letter to Football Association of Zambia president Kalusha Bwalya.

      He proffered condolences of the African football fraternity saying: "Personally, and on behalf of the members of the African football community, I should be grateful if you could extend our deepest condolences to the family of this doyen of commentaries, to his family, friends and loved ones.


    • Apr 23, 2014 5:05:01 PM
      The Chiyuni big bus coming frm Lusaka almost killed everyone on board due 2 over speedng dis afternoon. Thanx 2 God no one waz hurt. The bus has NO fitnes,NO road tax & driva NO licence jst imagine. Hide my iD

    • Apr 23, 2014 4:45:44 PM
      Jack Don
      Today we just experienced the worst at comesa market zra officers and the zambia police have confiscated alcohol beaverages in unexplained circumstances,I wonder where we are going with this government

    • Apr 23, 2014 4:33:23 PM

      The Under seventeen National Soccer Team has left for Italy this afternoon to participate in that Country’s 11th "Torneo delle Nazioni" Tournament which will run from April 25th to May 1st in the Citta di Gradiscia, in Friuli Venezia in North Eastern Italy.
      Zambia is in Group A together with Israel, Italy and Brazil.

      Coach Chris Kaunda has declared the boys ready for the Italian Challenge.

      Delegation Leader Lee Kawanu has thanked the FAZ administration for allowing the young boys a chance to get this exposure at a very high level. “ We shall be hosting the African Youth Championship (U20) in 2017 and it is important that we create a strong base now by exposing these boys so that they are ready to bring honors in 2017” Kawanu said.

      Zambia is the only African Country at this Invitation tournament.Other participants are, Azerbaijan, China, Chile, Mexico Croatia, Slovenia, Japan and USA.

      Zambia first game is against Israel on April 25, On Saturday April 26 Zambia will play Italy and conclude its preliminary assignment against Brazil on Sunday April 27.

      Some of the players that have traveled are, Charles Muntanga (Nchanga Rangers),Daniel Sikanyika (Young Mufulira Wanderers),Prosper Chiluya,(OYDC Lsk),Wayne Museba (Kabwe Youth),Benson Chali,(Forest Rangers),Njavwa Shula(K- Stars),Edward Chimfwembe (Malaiti FC L-Stone),Gift Sikaonga (Young Nchanga)

      Others are; Changwe Kalale (Chambeshi Youth),Edwin Chipile (Malaiti Lsk),Kapumbu Langson (Winford Academy Lsk)Enock Mwepu (Chambeshi Youth), Mwape Chisesa(Airport Warriors Patson Daka (Nchanga Rangers) John Phiri (K-Stars),Shadrick Kambwili (Young Luanshya Utd), Mahibo Mwiinga (Kafue Celtic),Pumulo Siwanga (Chirundu ).

    • Apr 23, 2014 4:04:07 PM
      Today at Lusaka's COMESA Market.

    • Apr 23, 2014 3:43:15 PM

      We shall yap more until we have the constitution-constitutional yappers - Muvi TELEVISION
      The grand coalition on the constitution making process says they will continue yapping until the demands on the constitution making process are met.

    • Apr 23, 2014 3:38:06 PM
      Kapangala Masangala
      WE have just survived an imminent head-on collision on the Kitwe-Ndola Dual Carriageway. I'm on a Rosa bus heading towards Kitwe and some 10 minutes ago we were seconds from hitting into a Toyota Hilux being driven by a careless driver.
      The works on this road need to speed up before we all become victims.

    • Apr 23, 2014 3:26:12 PM
      "On my tombstone I want them to write: Here lies a Man who put National Interest first above personal interest"- Dennis Liwewe. What is the outlook of your legacy?

    • Apr 23, 2014 3:24:22 PM
      Thembinkosi Ruwe
      The issue of retirement age shouldn't it apply to politicians too?lets discuss

    • Apr 23, 2014 3:22:42 PM
      The Red Bag was last see at Kulima Tower bus station with unknown lady boarding a bus to Chilenje on Tuesday 23rd April 2014...... The chase for money continues!!!

    • Apr 23, 2014 1:44:45 PM
      MONEY has different names !!! In church it's called (offering) , in marriage it's called (brideprice ) ,in divorce (alimony), when u owe someone (debt ) , when u pay the government (tax), in court (fines), gov't to retirees (pension) boss to workers (salary), master to subordinates (wages), children (maintenance), when u borrow from bank (loan), when u offer after a service (tip).
      The question is "when a Boyfriend gives to his Girlfriend" what do we call it?? Answer________.?

    • Apr 23, 2014 1:39:05 PM
      Macboran Mike Kamizhi
      SUGESTED BURIAL SITE FOR LIWEWE. Independence stadium were the gabon aircrush victims are buried. What's your take?

    • Apr 23, 2014 1:38:44 PM
      Kwangu Wa Liwewe wrote:
      To our Johannesburg friends and family , there will be a prayer service for my beloved father Dennis Liwewe at 7pm this evening @ no 5 Lamone complex, Nature Street , Northriding. Thank you all for your numerous words of sympathy and encouragement during this trying time. God bless you all!

    • Apr 23, 2014 11:26:31 AM
      How would you remember Dennis Liwewe?

      Soccer Fraternity Eulogies Liwewe - Muvi TELEVISION
      The 78 year old celebrated broadcaster is on record to have followed the Zambia national soccer team for national TV and radio for decades.

    • Apr 23, 2014 11:24:55 AM
      The Chipata Municipal Council says despite conducting several operations, it has failed to control the sale of the infamous alcoholic sachets popularly known as Tujilijili.

      We Have Failed to Control Sale of Tujilijili-Chipata Council - Muvi TELEVISION
      Home » Headlines » News » Legal » News » News » Political » We Have Failed to Control Sale of Tujilijili-Chipata Council

    • Apr 23, 2014 11:22:27 AM
      Former Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General Wisdom Lopa has told the Lusaka Magistrate Court that working under intense pressure did not stop the three Generals from exchanging sexual boosters which were allegedly coming from the defense attaché in Tanzania.

    • Apr 23, 2014 11:21:02 AM
      Anne Mweene
      Good message for Africa.If we blend the hospitality of East Africans, the creativity of West Africans, the Business mindedness of the Northerners, the Democratization of South Africans and the Dictatorship of Central Africa, we will strongly foster a united States of Africa.

    • Apr 23, 2014 10:55:59 AM
      Peter Mangilazi Simenda
      zambian small scale tobacco farmers are being denied opportunity to sell their produce in preference to commercial white farmers at tobacco association of zambia buildings mungwi road in lusaka. have you say

    • Apr 23, 2014 10:55:38 AM
      violence erupts at Comesa Market as ZRA and state police on liqour traders,please hid my identity.

    • Apr 23, 2014 10:05:10 AM
      The body of a man was this morning found lying dead near Clifton High School(pvt) in Kashikishi town of Luapula Province.
      Source says the man was in the hands of Police for unknown Crime and got sick, it was then when he taken to St Paul Hospital for Medical Check up.
      Its believed that the deceased escaped from the Hospital.
      Picture by Ras Davies

    • Apr 23, 2014 9:51:22 AM
      Felix Chisha K
      Kindly post this:
      While we are engrossed in screaming 'satanism' and labelling others satanists, while we keep referring to deaths on our roads as sacrifices, maybe we should revisit our attitudes towards CORRUPTION.

      I know it might sound unrelated but here's how I see it, instead of undergoing proper driver training, we find it easy to bribe a couple of ZP officers.

      Then instead of getting proper fitness licence for our cars, we dash to Matero! When road blocks (I call them cash collection points!) are mounted by cops, we bribe them and our faulty vehicles go on... And while doing 100km/hr, both CV Joints pop out, diff falls off, tyres fly all over and WE BLAME SATAN???? No! That's an easy way out! We need to be a little more responsible! The same corruption is worse when it comes to our road construction!

      We all have been on that Bus/Taxi/Cab/Private vehicle where we suddenly feel like saying a prayer! WE NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE!

    • Apr 23, 2014 9:45:10 AM
      Chawaka Banda
      Heavy presence of ZRA, state & council police ve invaded lsk's comesa market, its rumored that they want to ambush tax evaders, ummmm this is real lower taxes & more money in our pockets.

    • Apr 23, 2014 9:44:47 AM
      Bra Archie Chimutanda
      Dennis once said at 1988 oliympics games,, as am sayng here everyone z lookng for a map, pipo wat to see where zambia is in africa suprise suprise the kk 11 hve beat Italy by 4goals to zero yooooo sure ba mudara ws great RIP daddy

    • Apr 23, 2014 9:21:00 AM
      Festus Daka
      Kindly post this.i was just thinking what Dennis liwewe have in common wit the late jurious choongo.they both use to make us enjoy radio more than tv.

    • Apr 23, 2014 9:02:50 AM
      Kambole Kanenga

      Hats off, a moment of silence, let the flags fly at half mast, let the men in uniform wear black cotton bands, let the air force planes circle the country signifying the passing of a true son of the soil, a gallant soldier of the nation, a hero of the football fraternity, good a father, magnificent grandfather and a loving husband. The sun has set for our beloved Dennis Liwewe, a man whose legendary voice still echoes in our hearts, reminiscing those moments when he could light up Zambia with his charismatic commentary. But though we can't prevent the tears running down our cheeks, even though it feels like the stars and moon have been switched off and the sun has gone on recess, we shall dwell much on mourning, but rather celebrate a life well lived. We'll sing the symphony of Chipolopolo knowing tht he's in a better place. To us he's not dead, but he's just gone to a better place, sleeping the sleep that kings desire, freed from pain, secured from misery, lies a darling of Zambian eyes and he will live forever in our hearts. Now let him sleep in peace. Farewell comrade, till we meet again.

    • Apr 22, 2014 11:16:35 PM
      Eddy Chinyama >
      Am much concerned with what is happening with the economy of this country. I would love people to tell me the main purpose of having economists in the country who can not think on how to stabilize the economy of this country. Things are not moving on well has expected by the people of this nation. why are you allowing the poor people to continue living in their poverty,hence they expected some change.

    • Apr 22, 2014 11:11:52 PM
      David Falcao Bunonge >
      We all know what role Mr. Dennis played in helping soccer grow in Zambia,we all saw him grow old! And yet, no one said anything about honouring....and now that his no more, everyone is saying he needs to be honoured! Life is really funny,big up to B1 for doing the 'Suti(he was a good man) song' sincere condolences to the Liwewe family,may the God of comfort see your family through!

    • Apr 22, 2014 10:34:45 PM
      Sakwiba Sikota
      Dennis Liwewe
      The very first football commentator I heard was Dennis Liwewe. Since then all other commentators have been boring and nowhere near the talent o the great man. I remember going to Independence Stadium to watch the Zambian National team play live and people would be trooping in with their two band radios into the stadium. People would be watching live football but want to listen to Dennis Liwewe's commentary on the same match they were watching. Dennis Liwewe made the football experience complete.
      There shall never be another.

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